Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 102

Candy Crush Saga Level 102Still having troubles trying to beat Candy Crush Level 102? I have received some emails from other players saying that they have mastered Level 102. Level 102 can be tough, but they are saying to NOT worry about the chocolate. Interesting strategy.

Level 102 is all about the vertical combos. Do not worry about trying to clear out the chocolate, just focus on making good combos on the top portion that effect the bottom part because they are vertical.

Put 4 candies together to make the stripped, then try to make the 5 candy combos, then mix the stripped candy with the wrapped candy.

If possible, try and get the sprinkle candies, if you can then you can try and mix with the striped candy to clear out large sections.

And in a rare occasion, the sprinkle on sprinkle mixture is guaranteed to clear out some candies. Try and mix these together to make an ultimate combo that will clear out the whole board.

The chocolate can be difficult when you are coming down to the last couple moves, so if you get the opportunity to mix a striped candy with a wrapped candy in the bottom portion of the game board, then you can eliminate the chocolate from candy crush level 102.

Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 102

Are you still having issues beating Candy Crush Level 102? Leave a comment below and we can try to help you master level 102!


  1. how do I get candies to drop past the space to the bottom level?

  2. I don’t have any of the purple candies you are showing on the tip sheet..stil can’t get past the bombs…hardly get to chocolate…

    • candycrusher says:

      Yeah that is tough, keep at this level and you will get through. Focus on making the vertical combos. Definitely if you can combine a wrapped candy with a striped candy that will help you beat candy crush level 102.

      • This is the worse level I have ever played. I play seven games and have been on this forever. About ready to delete. To many bombs. That’s all you do is figure out out to get rid of them. No fun no more


  4. Paulinehennig says:

    I found getting the fruit down before doing much with the lower half.not to worry to much with the chocolates. Make every move count to gear the fruit at the bottom. It took me several weeks. Don’t worry about the bombs when only
    5moves left. It will waste you’re moves

  5. The bombs bow up so fast there is no tome to even get three candies in a row then when you try and move a candy to make a match the game will not let you move them what to do

  6. Definitely the hardest game so far. Unfortunately you just have to keep at it until you get lucky. Not much skill involved in it at all. Roll it until you get a guaranteed sprinkle in your first or second move and try and match with a striped or wrapped candy in the lower half.

  7. Level 102: Can’t clear the bombs quick enough – never any matching colors nearby. What’s the secret

  8. Loretta E. Johnson says:

    I was on level 102 and it kept me from completing all of my moves. For instant
    If I had 40 moves, it only gave me 15 and then the game was over . It doesn’t do this on my IPhone. I deleted Candy Crush on my IPad 3. I started it again and it took me back to level 1. Why did it cheat me out of my moves?
    Loretta E. Johnson


  9. Loretta E. Johnson says:

    My IPhone is now doing the same thing. Out of 40 moves it gave me only 15 moves before it ende d with 35 moves left.It is now 6:06p.m. Central standard time on On Sat. oct. 11, 2013

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  11. all you can do it keep the bombs from exploding, and then all your moves are used up. if you don’t keep them from exploding, it kicks you out of the game. I never get to the bottom….there are no moves to take you there, all you do if stop exploding bombs. I don’t think this level is possible

  12. What is striped candy and Wrapped Candy?

  13. Marlene Garlick says:

    Candy crush level 102 is by far the hardest one to beat yet. Ready to throw in the towel. Ridiculous to try.

  14. I played this on my IPAD too!

  15. Gives u lots of moves but after so many of them quits this level is the pits

  16. I’m have a problem with the bombs! you have to watch the top or they explode while you are trying to make the matches on the bottom. I’ve not been concentrating on the vertical but more on bringing the fruits down.

  17. this level is hard. I’m on it 3 weeks. The bombs go off so quickly. I’ll keep trying, hopefully I’ll get through it.

  18. pooja Gupta says:

    I’m not able to clear the level …I feel bore now

  19. pooja Gupta says:

    It’s too boring now. …I have to finish it otherwise i will quit the game

  20. Sandra smart says:

    Seriously candy crush developers .give me a break .there is no way to beat this level.

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